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The information compiled on this page by the experts at the Carr Subaru service department will make you a wizard at taking care of your car's brakes!

Okay, lame Harry Potter puns aside, you probably have some vague notion that your car needs maintenance from time to time. Maybe you just get the oil changed regularly, and leave it to the pros to inspect your car for any additional problems. That's a fine way to go, especially when you trust the experts in our service center. But, when you want to take even better care of your car, be proactive about replacing the brakes! We'll tell you when five crucial components of your car's braking system will need to be replaced and why.

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5. When to Replace Your Car's Parking Brake

How Often to Replace: As Necessary

You won't have to replace the parking brake on your car proactively, but it can wear down and need maintenance or replacement. That's especially true if you accidentally drive a significant distance with the parking brake engaged without realizing it! This can cause cables and springs in the system to stretch out and stop working well, meaning you might not want to park on an incline until you can have the parking brake fixed. It might just need a simple adjustment to tighten up the linkages, but a replacement might also be necessary.

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4. When to Replace Your Car's Brake Fluid

How Often to Replace: Varies, Depending on Environment

In general, you won't need to replace your car's brake fluid until it becomes contaminated with water. Brake fluid can absorb water from the atmosphere over time. This process can move very, very slowly, depending on what the environment is like in your area and how the car is stored. Eventually, if too much water gets into the brake fluid, it can lower the boiling point of the fluid and boil under pressure during braking -- dramatically reducing your stopping power. If you experience "brake fade," stop by our service center to have your car's brake fluid tested for the presence of water.

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3. When to Replace Your Car's Drum Brakes

How Often to Inspect: Every 12,000 MIles

Most modern cars are equipped with disc brakes at all four wheels -- but some models of cars may be equipped with rear drum brakes, an older technology. If your Subaru has drum brakes, they'll need to be inspected periodically. When you stop by our service center to have your oil changed or your tires rotated, have us take a look at your brakes, too. If we notice that your brake linings have worn out, and it's time to replace them, we'll let you know.

Drum brakes don't provide as much stopping power as disc brakes, but the linings may often last longer before they need to be replaced.

2. When to Replace your Car's Brake Rotors

How Often to Replace: Every 50,000-75,000 miles

On modern disc style brakes, the brake rotor is the plate onto which the brakes squeeze, creating friction and slowing down your car. They're built to be quite durable and could last as long as 75,000 miles before they need to be replaced. However, if they become damaged, you could need brake rotor service sooner.

Over time, brake rotors can warp and develop divots, pockmarks, etchings and all sorts of other little imperfections. As the brake pads pass over these imperfections, it can translate to a shuddering or shaking sensation in the cabin when you brake. If your car vibrates when you brake, you may need new brake rotors installed. Let our technicians take a close look and get this problem fixed right away, so you can stop with confidence again!

1. When to Replace your Car's Brake Pads

How Often to Inspect: Every 12,000 MIles

According to the Subaru recommended maintenance schedule for all 2018 Subaru models, the brake system should be fully inspected by a dealership professional every 12,000 miles. Many components like the rotors and brake drum shoes will last longer than 12,000 miles, but it's still important to have these systems checked out.

See, your brake pads may wear down much faster than someone else's brake pads. If you experience a lot of stop-and-go traffic and hilly conditions causing you to "ride" the brake a lot, your brake pads will undergo extra stress and might need to be replaced sooner than someone who only drives on the wide-open highway on level ground.

That's why, even though brake pads can last up to 60,000 miles or more in some circumstances, you should still have them checked periodically. If one of our technicians determines you need replacement brake pads, we can get them installed so you can continue to stop safely. If not, we'll simply send you on your way.

Having confidence when you step on the brake is crucial to your safety on today's busy roads! Stop by the Carr Subaru service center if you have any concerns about the condition of the brakes on your Subaru.

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