Carr Subaru Employee Spotlight

Meet: Michaela Wiggins


Michaela Wiggins had found her niche as an express advisor at Carr, a company she had called home for the past six years. What drew her to Carr initially was its warm, familial atmosphere-a place where colleagues were more like extended family members, always ready to lend a helping hand when needed. For Michaela, this sense of camaraderie was invaluable, making her work not just a job, but a part of her life she cherished.

Outside of her professional responsibilities, Michaela indulged in her passions for travel and cooking, finding solace and inspiration in exploring new cultures and cuisines. However, it was her love for speed and adrenaline that truly set her apart. Whenever she had the chance, Michaela eagerly attended NHRA drag races and car shows, immersing herself in the electrifying atmosphere of roaring engines and sleek machines. It was here, amidst the excitement of the track, that she felt most alive, fueling her with energy and enthusiasm that she carried back to her work at Carr.

In both her professional and personal pursuits, Michaela embodied a spirit of dedication and passion that radiated through everything she did. Whether she was assisting clients with their express needs or whipping up a culinary masterpiece in her kitchen, Michaela approached each endeavor with unwavering enthusiasm and a genuine love for what she did, making her an indispensable asset to Carr and a vibrant presence in her community.