There are some things you do often enough that they become routine--like unlocking your Subaru and starting it up. So when this routine is broken, it can be jarring. What's more, it's a sign that there's something that needs to be addressed with your Subaru.

Below, we'll go through four main symptoms of problems that could cause your locks not to function as they should. Helping you stay informed is an important part of what we do at Carr Subaru.

1. The Key Won't Turn

If the aforementioned lock isn't engaged, but you're still having trouble turning the key, there are several other possibilities. The ignition cylinder may have worn out. This is especially likely if you have heavy keychains. Or, the key may no longer fit right. If this is the case, you'll need to have a new key cut--or try using a spare key.


2. The Ignition Cylinder Is Locked

If the ignition cylinder is locked, chances are there's nothing wrong at all. If the steering wheel is moved without a key in the ignition, the wheel and the ignition cylinder will lock up. This is to prevent hotwiring. This security feature is easy to accidentally activate, and it's just as easy to turn off. Gently move the wheel while you continue to turn the key. As you combine these two motions, the wheel and ignition cylinder should unlock.


3. The Power Locks Don't Work

So, your key battery is just fine, but the power locks still don't work. The first thing you should do is check to see whether this affects all the locks, or just one of them. If it's just one, the locking mechanism in the door or the lock actuator may be on the fritz. However, if all the locks are non-functional, it may be due to a blown fuse. Check the fuse box in your Subaru and replace the offending fuse to see if that fixes things.


4. The Key Won't Unlock the Door Remotely

Pressing the button on your key fob, only to be met with a still-locked car, may mean that the key has a dead battery. If you just have keyless entry, this can be a major nuisance, and you may want to get the battery placed soon. However, it's even trickier if you have keyless ignition. With a dead battery in the key, you may not be able to start your vehicle at all!

The good news is that batteries don't usually die without first giving you symptoms. Have you had to get closer to your Subaru for the remote keyless entry to work? Perhaps you have to push the button several times to get a response? If this is the case, you should look into replacing the battery before it fails.

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