It used to be that breaking in a new car meant things like not going over fifty miles per hour, getting the first oil change after only a handful of miles, and other things that meant being extra careful during the first few miles. However, times have changed, and today's manufacturing technology has improved to the point that there's far less to be worried about when driving home in a new vehicle. This is especially true with the latest Subaru lineup that continues to earn prestigious industry awards for longevity, safety, and low ownership costs. While we want you to enjoy the most from your Subaru right from the very first mile, there are a couple things to keep in mind. Below, we discuss five tips that will help break in your new Subaru. These are also good tips for any new vehicle.

1. Avoid Traveling The Same Speed For Extended Periods

Perhaps the biggest thing to consider when breaking in a new Subaru is that the many moving parts inside the engine, transmission, suspension, and elsewhere are all getting acquainted with one another. So, it's best to gently introduce these parts to the various conditions and demands that will be called upon them throughout the rest of the vehicle's life. For the first five hundred miles or so, we recommend that you avoid traveling at the same speed and RPM for an extended period. So, instead of taking your new car for a road trip and setting the cruise control for hours on the freeway, vary the speed and spend the first 500 miles driving around town, on the freeway, and under any other conditions the vehicle will be seeing.


2. Easy On The Gas Pedal

If you just got a new Subaru WRX from the dealership, it'll probably be pretty tempting to show that Mustang next to you what a turbocharged BOXER® engine is capable of. We've felt that same temptation. However, we'd also like to caution against mashing the throttle to the floor and showing that pony what your taillights look like. As with all the new components throughout your Subaru, it's best to avoid asking for everything the engine has for the first 500 miles or so. In fact, it's generally best not to floor the gas pedal on any vehicle, especially from a dead stop. Gentle and smooth acceleration is the best way to ensure that your engine is broken in for a long and reliable life.


3. Try To Be Easy On The Brakes

While we find this to be good advice for any vehicle no matter how many miles are on it, taking care to brake smoothly and gently is especially important for new cars. While slamming on the brakes in an emergency to avoid a collision is sometimes necessary, this tip is aimed more at normal driving. You see, stopping hard and fast for that light that's been red for a while or that stop sign you saw a block back can cause undue wear on more than just the brake pads. Things like suspension springs, shocks, bushings, and more are all settling into their places for long and reliable life. Sudden, substantial weight shifts from hard braking may mean that these suspension components don't get broken in the best way possible.


4. Don't Miss Scheduled Maintenance

Thanks to the advanced Subaru engine manufacturing and the state-of-the-art transmissions, you'll be comfortably beyond the standard break-in period by the time your Subaru needs its first oil change. However, like all regularly scheduled maintenance stops, it's important that you not miss or go too far over this initial maintenance period. That's because this is the first chance for certified technicians to properly inspect the vehicle after a few miles have been put on it. That way, they can ensure that everything is working exactly as it should from the factory. What's more, this and every other scheduled maintenance stop is an important part of maintaining the factory warranty.


5. Take Some Time To Look Through The Owner's Manual

Chances are that you've been driving for a while by the time you invest in a new Subaru, so you're probably already familiar with the basics of what's in a new vehicle. While the owner's manual makes it quicker and easier to get familiar with the latest Subaru STARLINK™ system and other technological advancements, be sure to also check out the maintenance sections. That's where you'll find guidance on what kind of gas to use, information on the EyeSight® system for models equipped with it, and important details on when you should come to a certified service center for scheduled maintenance.

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