Carr Auto Group has been a part of Beaverton since 1941, when Guy Carr rolled his first new Chevy out the door. Guy knew and we know today, that our greatest opportunity and our greatest area of influence are one in the same. As such, we strive to be more than a car store, we strive to be part of the community. Our neighbors have been good to Carr over the years and we enjoy not only celebrating Beaverton, Portland and Oregon, but giving back to those who have welcomed us all these years. We do that by being a good neighbor, employer (Oregon's Top 100 Places to Work for 10 out of the last 12 years), caring for our local environment (Washington County's first auto service business to earn a pollution-prevention award), sponsoring local athletic teams and schools, and many things that we all do, as good neighbors. We also like to help those less fortunate or with a hard row to hoe when we can do it in a way that makes sense. Many times that help comes in the form of supporting non-profits and charitable organizations that we have vetted, and have deemed to be on the up and up, and that have a long history of putting their money where their mouth is. Albertina Kerr, The Oregon Humane Society, Toys for Tots, Katie's Kause for Cystic Fibrosis, The American Cancer Society, Tour de Cure, and the Nutter Foundation's Vancouver Dozer Days, just to name a few. We also contribute to important causes and organizations that find resources declining, in what has been a less than optimal economic environment over the last few years. Oregon Ballet Theater, Oregon Public Broadcasting and Freshwater Trust come to mind. We try to have great FUN DAYS with our fellow workers (and occasionally some of the local folks) to take part in, several times throughout the year. We support families at Christmas, host blood drives for the Red Cross, and loan our facilities to local police and Sheriffs departments for training. You'll find Carr vehicles in Hood to Coast, Beaverton Celebration Parade, and again being used by local law enforcement agencies every now and again (watch out y'all).

At CARR, for Subaru's Share the Love Event this year, we selected as our local charity "Bill's Kids Fund with Providence Child Center." Bill Schonely, Mayor of RIP CITY and the Trailblazers, is the motivating force behind this charity, aimed to help Oregon's most vulnerable children. We at Carr Subaru have gotten behind this force of a man, and his charity, and are proud to do our part !

For years, he was the legendary voice of the Trail Blazers. Now, Bill Schonely is lending his voice in a new way to the medically fragile children at Providence Child Center.  Providence has established "Bill's Kids Fund" to honor Schonely's longstanding dedication to and compassion for the medically fragile children who call the center home.

Bill's Kids Fund will help endow the Center for Medically Fragile Children at Providence Child Center, ensuring the provision of complete and compassionate care.
Founded in 1889 as an orphanage for abandoned and wayward children, today St. Mary's Home for Boys offers residential treatment and services to at-risk boys between the ages of 10 and 17 who are emotionally disturbed and behaviorally delinquent. The individualized program provides each client with a structured regimen to ensure his successful transition to public school, the community, and appropriate living environment. Adolescent boys of all ethnic heritages and religious backgrounds are accepted.  Carr Subaru is pleased to support this great cause.

Feeding America
The Pandemic that is devastating our country has left hundreds of thousands out of work and unable to feed themselves or their families. That is why CARR Subaru is teaming up with the Oregon Food Bank, where close to 200,000 meals are being donated! We are with you all the way. Every mile. Every day. Reach out to learn more about how you can help CARR Subaru Feed America.

Carr does these things not because we think it'll make us a buck, or because it's good advertising (you would have to dig for most of this information, as it's not much posted anywhere but on this webpage), we do it because we feel an obligation to help support those people in our community who are out doing the day to day grunt work of taking care of those who can't take care of themselves, and those who are helping to preserve the arts, education and the public safety of the community as a whole.  Just like you, we recognize that we are part of a bigger picture.

If you know of a place or situation where Carr Auto Group might be of help, feel free to contact us.  Really.  We reserve the right to choose our battles but we can't help fight them if we aren't aware of them.