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Do Not Miss The 60,000 Mile Service At Carr Subaru In Beaverton, OR

The 60,000 mile service is largely a repeat of the 30,000 mile service. This is the time to again take a look at all of the brakes, and look through the normal things that time and normal driving can knock our of whack. This may also be a good time to replace the tires.

Why Is It Important To Repeat All Of The Same Maintenance?

Modern engineering has come a long way and there are only a few things that require regular upkeep. A vehicle's suspension takes a beating even with normal driving especially on roads that are in disrepair and over speed bumps and potholes. Ensuring that the front wheels stay aligned is important for tire life as well as general safety and handling. Automotive fluids have also come a long way but they still brake down over time and normal use.

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Does The 60,000 Mile Service Have To Be Done Right On The Mark?

Like any scheduled service, it is important to get as close as possible to the 60,000 mile mark. A few miles under or over won't make much difference but by now the vehicle is well broken in and neglecting this service for any significant time will only cost more money down the road. Service and maintenance is typically far cheaper than repairs and breakdowns.

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