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It is around 30,000 miles that a vehicle is due for the first major check up. This is the service where the trained technicians inspect every detail throughout the vehicle to address any issues and ensure there are no surprises developing. This service includes everything that was done at the previously scheduled services as well as a complete brake service, filter replacement all around, coolant flush, transmission and differential fluid service, and other things like the replacement of the PCV valve.

Why Is The 30,000 Mile Service Important?

Every scheduled service is important which is why the engineers that designed our vehicles recommend them. The 30,000 mile service is the first time the professionals look at every aspect of the vehicle and this won't be done for another 30,000 miles. Good brakes are important and staying on top of them is the safest way to save the added costs associated with driving on overly worn brake pads. The PCV valve or Positive Crankcase Ventilation valve relieves the pressure that necessarily builds within the engine. If this valve fails, the pressure inside the engine will escape elsewhere and cause leaks along with other more serious problems.

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When Should This Service Be Done?

Try and have this service done as close to 30,000 miles as possible. If there are any normal issues to address, time will only make them worse and more costly to handle.

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