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When you get into your vehicle and turn the key or press the ignition button, you expect it to start. An engine that doesn't start is a bad way to begin the day. However, you can get an idea of what might be causing the problem by listening to what happens when you try to start it. At Carr Subaru, we want you to have important information about your Subaru--including information concerning problems like this one. If you can hear the engine cranking (that is, it sounds like it's trying to start) but it never quite gets there, here are four things that could be wrong.

An empty gas tank can cause the engine to crank without starting

4. The Gas Tank Is Empty

If gasoline can't get to the engine, it won't be able to fully start running. One common reason that gas can't get to the engine is an empty tank. If the needle on the fuel gauge was pointing to "E" when you parked, there may not be enough gas to start the engine. Or, if you know you had enough left in the tank, you may have a leak.

Problems with the spark plugs could keep the engine from fully starting

3. Bad Fuel Filter or Fuel Pump

There are other reasons fuel might not get to the engine. If the fuel filter in your Subaru is clogged or faulty, it may not let enough gasoline pass through. And if the fuel pump itself is broken, it won't be able to pump gasoline to the engine. This will need to be looked at by a technician, so we recommend having your car towed to your local Subaru dealership.

2. Troubles with Spark

If there's no problem in getting fuel to the engine, the trouble may lay with the spark. The spark plugs in your vehicle ignite the fuel and air mixture that's injected into the cylinders to create the combustion that powers the engine. If they don't light, or if they light at the wrong time, combustion won't happen. The spark plugs themselves are the natural place to start, and one or more may need to be replaced (a relatively simple task). However, other components including wiring can lead to a lack of spark.

Try a jump start to see if a dead battery is causing the engine not to start

1. Dying Battery

A dying battery could be caused by lots of things, from a bad alternator to old age. But whatever the cause is, a dead battery eventually won't have enough juice to start your Subaru. If it has some power left, but not enough, it may try and try. If you suspect the battery may be to blame, you can try jump starting your Subaru to see if the engine will run under its own power. If so, drive to the dealership so that we can replace your battery or repair other components of your charging system.

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