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The oil pressure light in your Subaru may look like a genie's lamp, but don't expect any wishes (unless you've wished for car trouble). This light shouldn't be ignored, since it indicates that the oil pressure or the oil level in your engine is dangerously low.

At Carr Subaru, we want to arm you with the knowledge you need to take care of your Subaru With that in mind, here are three things you should do if this light turns on in your Subaru.

An illuminated oil pressure warning light.

3. Stop Driving & Turn Off Your Subaru

If this light turns on in your Subaru, we recommend finding a safe place to pull over and doing so; then, turn off your Subaru. When you're looking for a place to put your car, we don't recommend the side of a busy highway. That's because the next steps will require you to check a few things in your engine, and it's best to do that away from other cars.

The oil cap removed with the handle of the dipstick visible.

2. Check the Oil Level

The oil pressure warning light may have turned on because your engine is low on oil. Fortunately, this is easy to check. After you've switched the engine off, take the oil dipstick out and wipe it down. Put it back into the reservoir, then remove it again and check to see if the oil goes up to the recommended fill line. If not, low oil may be the cause of your problems, and you should add more oil. However, low oil levels may be due to deeper problems, or they may have damaged your engine, so it's still important to bring your Subaru to an authorized service center for inspection.

A man stands frustratedly, talking on a cell phone, next to a vehicle with a raised hood.

1. Call for a Tow Truck

If the oil levels were fine, or if you added more oil and the light didn't turn off, it's most likely due to low oil pressure rather than low oil levels. There are several potential causes of this, from a bad oil pressure sensor to a damaged oil delivery system. If the light stays on, don't try to drive your Subaru: call for a tow, instead. Even if the light has turned off, keep an ear on your Subaru; if it begins to make strange noises, turn it off again and call for help.

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