Common Reasons Your Car's Low Beam Headlights Don't Work - Carr Subaru Service Answers

Driving without working headlights is, to put it mildly, a bad idea. After all, the low beam headlights help you see when visibility is low--and they help other cars see you, as well. If your low beam headlights aren't working, but your high beams are, you'll still need to bring your vehicle to an authorized Subaru service center immediately.

At Carr Subaru, we're dedicated to giving you valuable information on your Subaru. Below are four reasons your low beams may not be working, even if your high beams are.

A halogen headlight bulb designed to replace a burned-out bulb.

4. The Bulbs Are Burned Out

It's highly unlikely (though not technically impossible) that both headlight bulbs would burn out at the same time. However, if both of your bulbs have burned out, there's a more likely explanation. Modern headlight bulbs are brighter than they used to be--bright enough that you may not notice much if one burns out. But if the second one burns out later, you'll be sure to notice!

The fuse box in a vehicle with different fuse sizes.

3. A Fuse Has Blown

If the bulbs themselves aren't to blame, they may have failed due to a blown fuse. Replacing the fuse may solve the problem. However, if the fuse burns out again, your headlight failure may be due to the next issue.

A car drives with its high beams on. Doing so around others is unsafe.

2. The Wiring Is Faulty

If the fuse quickly burns out again after having been replaced, there may be a deeper wiring issue. However, wiring problems can exist without a blown fuse. This means that bad wiring could cause your headlights not to work, even if the fuse is still intact.

1. The Headlight Relay Is Broken

When you flip the switch that turns on your headlights, the switch actually activates a relay, which then supplies the headlights with the power they need. The high beams and low beams usually use different relays; this means that, if only your low beams have gone out, the low beam relay may have been damaged. If this is the case, it will need to be replaced.

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