Common Reasons Car is Overheating After the Head Gasket Was Just Replaced from the service professionals at Carr Subaru in Beaverton, OR

A blown head gasket in your Subaru is no laughing matter, and it can often cause the engine to overheat. Replacing the head gasket takes time, effort, and money, but it's an important service. After it has been replaced, your engine shouldn't overheat.

However, rare though it may be, engines do occasionally continue to overheat even after the head gasket has been replaced. If you've noticed this happening to your Subaru, be sure to bring it to the dealership. It's likely due to one of these three things.

Several new head gaskets waiting to be installed.

3. Low Coolant Levels

The head gasket ensures that the cylinder head and the engine block are sealed off from each other. A failed head gasket can cause coolant to leak into the combustion chamber. In addition to causing lots of other problems, this will lower the level of coolant in your vehicle.

When you have a head gasket replaced at a Subaru dealership, the technicians will make sure that the coolant is at its proper levels. However, this may not always happen if you've taken it somewhere else. Fortunately, it's easy to check the coolant levels yourself. When the engine is cool, take a look at the coolant tank and make sure that the coolant is at least up to the minimum fill line.

Close-up view of steam coming from a car's radiator.

2. Other Cooling System Problems

If the coolant level is fine, there may be other problems with the cooling system that cause the overheating problem. The technicians at Carr Subaru inspect the entire cooling system when they replace a head gasket, but this isn't the case at every independent shop. From a damaged radiator or water pump to contaminated coolant, there are many possible adjacent issues that can contribute to overheating.

A close-up view of a car's temperature gauge, with the needle approaching the red.

1. Engine Damage

If the engine's overheating isn't caused by one of those two issues, the engine could have major damage. The engine block could even have become cracked or warped. In cases like these, it's always best to trust the experts to inspect the engine and repair it if possible.

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