Things You Can Check on Your Vehicle's Battery from the service professionals at Carr Subaru in Beaverton, OR

If you're having car battery problems, the best course of action is to take your Subaru to an authorized service center. After all, there are many reasons your battery may not be doing what it should--and many of them aren't even caused by the battery itself. That being said, there are some things you can try before you head in. Driving in is easier than calling for a tow, after all, and letting the technicians know about what issues you found may help them figure out the root of the problem in less time.

Close-up view of a person's hands using a wrench to adjust a car battery cable clamp.

4. Check the Cable Clamp Connection

There's a chance that the battery cable clamps may not fit as snugly as they should. This problem is particularly likely if you've just had your battery replaced somewhere other than at an authorized Subaru service center. Tightening loose clamps may solve a problem, but a more thorough inspection is still warranted to make sure that there isn't another underlying problem.

Close-up view of a battery terminal with white corrosion built up.

3. Check for Corrosion

Corrosion on the battery terminals looks like a white, greenish, or bluish substance. It is possible to clean corrosion off on your own; however, we recommend taking your car to the experts, instead. It's an involved process, and having our technicians clean it off means that they can keep an eye out for other problems, too.

The battery terminals aren't the only place where corrosion can occur; it can also be found in the cables. Unlike terminal corrosion, this can be harder to see, since the corrosion will be inside the cable insulation. Though a professional inspection is the best way to know for sure, cracked insulation can be an indication that corrosion may be present.

Two cars parked facing each other, with hoods raised and jumper cables running between the engines.

2. Check the Battery for Cracks

When your hood is open, be sure to check the battery case for cracks. A cracked battery can be incredibly dangerous, putting your health and safety at great risk. For this reason, if you notice a crack in the battery, don't drive your car. Instead, have it towed to an authorized Subaru service center.

1. Check To See if a Jump Start Works

Of course, if a battery problem is keeping your Subaru from starting, a jump start might just do the trick. If so, it's a good idea to head to an authorized service center right away. Whether it's a bad alternator, a battery at the end of its lifespan, or another battery-related problem, something kept your car from starting. Jump starts can only take you so far. So, it's best to have everything checked out by the experts.

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