Common Reasons Why Your Cruise Control Won't Work - Carr Subaru Service Answers

If you do any amount of highway driving, you'll know just how important cruise control can be. If your vehicle's cruise control isn't working, it can lead to fatigue on your drive--but that's not the only problem that could come from cruise control that isn't working. At Carr Subaru, we work hard to give you important information on your Subaru, so we've put together a list of four reasons why your cruise control might not work. Whatever the cause, be sure to bring your Subaru by an authorized service center to have it inspected.

Steering-wheel-mounted cruise control buttons.

4. Mechanical Components Have Been Damaged

If you're driving an older Subaru, it may be equipped with a mechanical cruise control. In systems like this, a cable is connected to the throttle on one end; on the other end, it's connected to a part known as the vacuum actuator. Depending on what speed you've set the cruise control to, the vacuum actuator will tighten or loosen the cable. As such, damage to these components or a vacuum leak could keep the cruise control from doing its job.

A person uses a special tool to remove a fuse from their vehicle's fuse box.

3. A Fuse Has Blown

If you have a newer Subaru, chances are that the cruise control is electronically controlled. If that's the case, electrical issues could cause it to stop working. Most times, these problems will result in a blown fuse. Try replacing the fuse for the cruise control. If you're lucky, that's all that you need to do. If that doesn't work, or if the fuse fails again soon afterwards, it's likely that you have other electrical issues.

A close-up view of the brake & tail lights on a 2019 Subaru Forester Touring.

2. The Speed Sensor Isn't Working Properly

The speed sensor does exactly what it sounds like: it senses speed. That is to say, it detects how fast your car is moving. If the speed sensor isn't functioning as it should, it may be sending the wrong information to your cruise control. However, a damaged speed sensor can also make your speedometer inaccurate, so it's a problem that should be addressed immediately.

1. The Brake Pedal Switch Is Damaged

This one may seem incongruous at first, but it makes sense when you think of it. The brake pedal switch is responsible for telling your car if you're braking, so that the brake lights can turn on. Braking also immediately turns off the cruise control. If your Subaru thinks that you're currently braking, the cruise control won't ever switch on. Since this will also affect your brake lights, it's an issue that should be looked into immediately.

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