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At Carr Subaru, the factory-trained technicians in our authorized service center want every driver to understand just how important regular oil change service is. It doesn't matter if you enjoy the benefits of a Subaru or drive a different brand vehicle. If your ride runs on gas, keeping up with regular oil change service with the correct amount and type of motor oil makes a huge difference in how long your engine lasts and how much money you'll spend on it. This article is but one among a wide range of Subaru service information that we think is helpful not just for Subaru drivers, but for all of us who rely on a vehicle to get around the Portland area.

Below, we look at six things that are important to know about the oil in your engine. We'll discuss the basic oil change service and why it's important, along with other things like checking your oil and what it means if an oil warning light shows up on your dash. Of course, we're always here to answer any questions you have at the Carr Subaru service center. In fact, it's easy to schedule your next service appointment right here online. We look forward to meeting you soon.

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6. An Engine Must Always Maintain Oil Pressure

All internal combustion engines have lots of metal parts that move against each other. Without the lubrication provided by motor oil, the friction between these parts would not only leave scars, it would also generate enough heat to compromise the metal. Motor oil collects at the bottom of the engine in the appropriately-named oil pan, where a pump will send it back through the engine. If the pressure created by this oil pump ever drops or goes away, the engine is at real risk of being destroyed by being starved of oil.

Engine oil warning light

5. What If The Oil Warning Light Comes On?

This is not one of those dash warning lights you can ignore. That's because this light indicates a dangerous drop in oil pressure. Generally, one of two things is responsible for turning this light on. Unfortunately, it's difficult to know which without putting the engine at serious risk of internal damage. In our experience, it is slightly more common for the oil pressure sensor to expire and cause this light to come on. This means that the engine should still have oil pressure, but not a good sensor to confirm it.

The other reason for the oil light to appear on your dash is that the oil pressure has indeed dropped. That means that the moving metal parts in your engine aren't getting the constant lubrication they need, and your ride may not be going much farther under its own power. So, if you see the engine oil light come on in your vehicle, don't run the engine any more. Instead, have the experts diagnose the problem right away.

4. Oil Decreases Engine Wear

While maintaining proper engine oil pressure is important to prevent serious damage to the engine, keeping up with regular oil change services is also important. You see, engine oil has a big job and can only last for so long before it loses the ability to properly lubricate everything. If you go for too long between oil changes, important parts like the crankshaft bearings begin to wear, and that means they won't last as long. If one of these goes bad, the engine will likely need a major overhaul. Sometimes in this situation, it's easier to simply replace the whole engine.

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3. An Oil Leak Is A Common Reason For Low Engine Oil

Talk with anyone familiar with old, unrestored cars, and they may comment about such vehicles' penchant for 'marking their territory' by leaving small but noticeable oil spots behind. Naturally, any oil leak is something that should be fixed. But don't forget that any oil leak also means that less oil is in the engine where it needs to be. Fortunately, keeping up with regular oil change service at an authorized service center like ours is usually sufficient to address most oil leaks before they become a real problem.

2. The Importance Of Regular Oil Change Service

We mentioned earlier that engine oil is only able to properly lubricate the engine for so long. Synthetic oil will last significantly longer than conventional oil, but they both need to be changed at regular intervals. Keeping up with regular oil change service is not only important for maintaining the factory warranty, but also for ensuring that you get the most from your vehicle's engine without spending too much on repairs. When it comes to where you take your vehicle for oil change service, we strongly recommend trusting an authorized service center like ours at Carr Subaru in Beaverton. Our prices are competitive with those stop and lube franchise places where neither the parts or staff tend to meet the high standards that dealership service centers maintain.

1. How To Check The Oil In Your Car

If you have a new car, you probably won't have to bother with this for a while. However, we think it's important that everyone knows how to check the oil in their vehicle. First, make sure the vehicle is parked on a level surface and the engine is cool. Then, open the hood and find the oil dipstick. It's usually yellow, and the owner's manual should provide details on its location. Remove the dipstick and wipe it clean with a rag or paper towel, then completely return the dipstick. When you pull it back out the second time is when you look to see where the oil is on the end of the dipstick. There should be an indication of what is a safe level.

You don't want to see the oil level too high or low. If it's low, add some oil and bring it in for an oil change. If the oil level is too high, consider who may have added too much; then, bring it to an authorized service center like ours for oil change service and an inspection. That's because too much oil can cause a variety of problems, and leaks are among the most common.

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