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Subaru blown out fuse service FAQ

What Should I Know Before Replacing a Blown Fuse on My Subaru? Carr Care Tips from Portland-area Carr Subaru

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A blown fuse is typically your first sign that something has gone wrong with the electrical components of your Subaru. When such a component fails on your vehicle, it can draw too much power and cause a fuse to blow. Fuses are there to protect your electrical components from excessive current flow. The metal connection inside the fuse itself melts when the specific amperage is exceeded on that circuit - breaking the connection and interrupting the flow of electricity. This protects your vehicle's expensive electrical parts!

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But, if a fuse does blow, any electrical components hooked up to that circuit will stop working. Simply replacing the fuse will restore the connection - but without addressing the underlying issue that caused the fuse to blow in the first place, the replacement fuse is likely to blow very quickly. To properly mend a blown fuse, you'll need to identify the source of the problem and fix it before replacing the fuse.

A modern vehicle can have a mile or more of electrical wire in it! And with wires running all along the car in hard-to-reach places, finding an electrical short on your own can be a chore. The factory-trained technicians at your nearest Subaru dealership can help you locate the source of an electrical short and get it fixed.

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What Causes my Subaru to Blow Fuses?

A component drawing more power than it should through the circuit or a short in the circuit can both lead to blown fuses.

If a cigarette lighter fuse is blown, check that a foreign object hasn't managed its way into the lighter, which can cause a short circuit. If one of the fuses associated with your audio system blows, it could be that a new audio accessory like a subwoofer or head unit wasn't properly installed and is drawing too much power.

That said, the most common cause of a blown fuse is from a short in the wiring itself. If a wire's protective insulation is cut, and the bare wire touches a metal component like the frame of the car, that will cause a short.

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Electrical problems can be tricky to address in your car, and not fixing them correctly can be a safety hazard. Overloading a circuit can cause serious damage and even start a fire! That's why Subaru dealership service departments have special tools and expert technicians. They can fix any problem with your vehicle's fuse box quickly and correctly.

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