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Are you tempted to put another few hundred (or thousand!) miles on your current engine oil? Before you press your luck, you should know just why oil changes are such an essential part of regular auto maintenance. Engine oil not only lubricates your engine's moving parts, it also helps to keep them cool. Over time, the additives in the oil break down, leaving sludge behind in your engine. What's more, the oil itself loses its ability to properly lubricate the engine, and metal-on-metal contact can occur, causing significant damage. Keeping fresh oil in the engine helps it perform at its best, and also protects it against damage - saving you money on costly repairs down the road.

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How Often do I Need Truly Need to Change the Oil in my Subaru?

You'll want to change your oil according to the manufacturer's recommendation to extract the longest life from your engine - but there may be ways you can extend the time between oil changes in some cases. Most modern Subaru vehicles come standard with full synthetic oil. Synthetic oil lasts much longer than conventional oil, and Subaru models that use synthetic oil from the factory can safely go 6,000 miles between oil changes, rather than the traditional 3,000 mile interval. However, if your Subaru is a bit older and uses conventional oil, 3,000 miles between oil changes is still a good rule of thumb.

It's not recommended to inspect your belts and hoses yourself. A visual inspection may not be enough to detect problems. An expert Subaru technician can evaluate your hoses and belts, looking and feeling for tell-tale signs of wear.

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You can easily switch from conventional to synthetic oil in most engines, allowing you to go much longer between service appointments. It'll also protect your engine better when performing at extreme temperatures, and under the stresses of aggressive driving or off-roading.

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If you'd like to learn more about your engine oil, and how to protect your engine for a long, reliable life, Carr Subaru is a local authorized Subaru dealer available to answer all your service questions.

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