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The Tire Center At Carr Subaru In Beaverton, OR Is Where The Rubber Meets The Road

Few things on vehicles are as important as tires. Nearly every aspect of a vehicle, from safety to fuel mileage, relies on good tires making contact with the road. The tire center at Carr Subaru has a phenomenal selection of name brand tires that is the envy of any third-party tire shop. Browse through this massive selection online and order the set that best suits your needs. Questions? Give our service department a call at (866) 460-0188 for knowledgeable insight to guide your tire shopping. Carr Subaru is conveniently located just outside Portland, OR, where we have the largest Subaru parts and service departments in the nation.

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Good quality tires are important everywhere--but especially here in the Pacific Northwest, where road conditions vary drastically throughout any given year. Once you have selected a set of tires, schedule an appointment at Carr Subaru to have experienced factory trained technicians install them. Poor installation of expensive tires can prove costly and even dangerous so it only makes sense to trust the professionals. Most tire installations can be done quickly and conveniently while you wait, so schedule your appointment today.

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There is a lot more to proper tire installation than simply bolting them on to the vehicle. If the tires are not mounted on the rim appropriately, they may not hold air, putting you and your vehicle at risk. The certified professionals at Carr Subaru (serving the whole of the Portland Area) will not only expertly mount the tires to the rim, but they will also ensure that each wheel is exactly balanced. Balancing is necessary to ensure that the tires and wheels perform their job smoothly and effectively. If wheel balancing is overlooked or not done correctly, the resulting bouncing of the wheels not only risks safety and tire life, but may also damage the vehicle's suspension. Trust the experts at Carr Subaru, serving Oregon City, OR, for this and any other Carr care such as tire rotation.

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Be sure to check out the variety of specials available throughout the service department, including exceptional deals on tires. Not only does Carr Subaru have the largest Subaru parts and service departments in the nation, we also maintain a huge selection of new Subaru vehicles. Those looking for quality used and certified pre-owned vehicles are sure to find them among our vast inventory. Our tire department is at the top of their game, so schedule an appointment today or roll by at 11635 SW Canyon Rd, Beaverton, OR 97005.

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